Oxious in Best for the World 2022 list from B Lab

News release from exhibitor Oxious (Booth 836)

Oxious received the prestigious Best for the World 2022 (BFTW) certification yesterday. According to B Lab, Oxious is among the top 5 percent of certified B Corps; companies that distinguish themselves in the areas of corporate social responsibility, customer friendliness, sustainability, good governance and respect for workers. This makes the company an example for our industry.

B Lab's B Corp certification has the overall goal of transforming the global economy in a way that benefits both the planet and all local communities and people. Well-known brands with B Corp certification include Tony's Chocolonely, Rituals and MUD jeans. In the list, Oxious occupies a special position: in the B Corp certification, it achieved a total score of 173 points. This is exceptionally high. With this number of points, the company would have ended up as the highest scoring textile company in the world on the previous B Corp list. On the impact area community measurement point, Oxious scored 114 points, which would have even earned it a No. 1 ranking on the previous edition.

Esther Smit on the Best for the World certification: "We show that as a company you can have great impact if sustainability is truly in your DNA. The old economic models where profit comes at the expense of the planet are outdated. Our new model is very simple and accessible to anyone who dares to make different choices."