Additional exposure opportunities

Trade Show Catalog

We offer the opportunity to reserve an advertising space in the official exhibition catalog

The catalog will be distributed to all visitors during the fair. This publication will also be used as a reference book, which will sometimes be consulted many months after the fair.

A great way to draw attention to your products or services before and after the trade show.


1500 copies


On the trade show floor and in the trade show bag.

Rate (excl. VAT)


Dimension (width x height)

€ 500,-

1/1 page full color

210×297 mm

€ 300,-

½ page full color

190×130 mm

€ 200,-

¼ page full color

93×130 mm

Your product or insert in the exhibition bag of De Leveranciersdagen

Every visitor to the fair will receive a fair bag upon entrance.
(circulation x1200)

€300 perproduct in the exhibition bag

€500 perbrochure in the exhibition bag

Send inquiries to

Own showcase in a prominent place on the exhibition floor

Your own advertising showcase in a prominent place on the exhibition floor + a reference to your stand (+ possibility to close).


Display case specifications:
height: 173 cm
Width: 100 cm
depth: 50 cm

Ability to exit.

Rate: €320

Logo highlighting on exhibition floor plan

This way you will be found faster on the trade show floor.

  • Mention will be made in the exhibition catalog (print run x1500)
  • And a mention on the floor plan on the exhibition floor
  • For €200

NEW: interview about product(s) or company

We make a video at your stand about your product(s) or company. This is also possible through a previously discussed questionnaire.

The video will be shared on our YouTube channel(PromZ.TV) after the fair and also shared for your own use (mp4-file).


See an example here on the right!